Camping & Outdoor Gadgets Essentials

People who adopted camping recently might have a hard time selecting the outdoor and camping items they need. Moreover, they have to decide on the items to buy, the items to rent and the items to borrow from their household supplies.

Do not panic. We are here to guide you through the process. We have developed a list of the gear that you can take to any camping trip, whether it is backpacking or car camping. Each of them may not be important (depending on your individual needs), but they will help you complete your camping successfully. Here is the list.

The Tent

A good shelter will protect you from most outdoor elements in addition to keeping your warm, dry and comfortable. When shopping for a tent, you will have to check the elbow room. Choose a tent that can comfortably accommodate, for you and your campaigning supplies. Before purchasing, crawl inside and check its ceiling height and floor length. A three-season shelter is suitable for summer, spring and falls camping. Such a tent will have a rainfly, tent body and mesh panels that will provide you with the much-needed ventilation. Choose one that is relatively lightweight and one with two doors to allow exit without crawling over your partner.

The sleeping bag

The sleeping bag is as important as the tent. Go for one that can handle the coolest temperature. If you want to remain cold, go for one with a 10-15 degrees rating above the lowest temperatures you expect. For mild climates, go for the less expensive rectangular sleeping bags, but if the temperatures are likely to fall below 50 degrees Fahrenheit, go for the mummy shaped bags that will hug your body. Mummy bags are better when backpacking – they are less bulky and lighter. To save money, go for the bags with synthetic insulation.

The sleeping pad-slash-mattress

A sleeping mattress or pad will provide you with an additional layer of insulating air and cushioning between the hard ground, the cold and your body. If you are fortunate enough to have access to a large hybrid camper trailers, you should go for the thickest mattress. If you already have an inflatable mattress at home, you could use it instead. For backpacking, go for the lightweight durable pads made of foam or inflatable. The quality lightweight pads have a thickness ranging between 0.75 and 3 inches. For those who like to sleep in colder climates, insulated pads are a better choice.

The cooking supplies

With a stove, you will be able to prepare tasty meals, to purify the drinking water and warm your drinks. For car camping, the large dual-burner propane stoves will hold several pots and allow you to prepare meals for different people. For backpacking, the lightweight liquid stoves, canister stoves or the integrated canister systems will serve you better. If you are a newcomer in the camping world, use your kitchen supplies such as bowls, cutlery, and cups to save some money.

The headlamp

In addition to allowing you to move around and to do a few things in the dark, it will work as a signal device in case of an emergency. It will keep you both hands-free when eating, scrambling over the rocks and answering the call of nature. Generally, go for the headlamps with great lumens as they are bright and offer a longer beam allowing you to see further. With a battery-powered lantern, you will manage to eat comfortably and read without having to blind a fellow camper.