10 Ways You Can Style Lace & Look Stunning

Lace is a fabric which speaks feminism and sophistication. It adds delicacy and elegancy to your attire. Lace has been in fashion for centuries and was the most favourite fabric for the ladies of the Victorian Era. To date, women wear lace not just to feel confident and uberly feminine but also to depict a sense of class and superiority. Lace can be styled in tons of ways and can be worn by ladies of all age brackets and to all sorts of occasions.

Lace has played a very important role in fashion forwardness for decades and even to dates, the biggest designers rely on this fabric to add the much-needed oomph factor to their dresses. Particularly in Europe, lace fabric was one of the key elements for tradesmen and women flocked to buy the latest pieces and the most intricate designs in order to look chic and classy.

Over time, the important of lace hasn’t lessened and even to date, women die to wear a chic lace dress to any party and occasion. Lace has become particularly a symbol of sex appeal and lace lingerie are hot sellers.

Here, we have listed some of the top ways in which you can style lace and look stunning.

Dark Romantic Lace: While white lace is the best bet for summers, winters are more about darker shades. Wear dresses in shades of dark green, black or purple with an intricate lace design and stand o out among the crowd. There’s nothing more contemporary and regal than a chic red lace dress for any event.

Lace Decollete: Pair up a sexy jumpsuit with a lace décolleté. A lace décolleté gives your satin jumpsuit a great party up lift. You can also wear a sexy slinky lace camisole underneath your plunging neckline jumpsuit.

Lace Tops with Skirts: Pair a bright floral skirt with a simple lace blouse for a chic look. You could perhaps wear an emerald green floral skirt with hints of silver and grey in the print with a black body hugging lace blouse with a sheer back for an ultimate sexy appeal.

Lace Outerwear: There’s nothing more beautiful than beautiful lace turtlenecks, oxford shirts or over coats. Add a sense of style and feminism to your winter wardrobe by adding lace outerwear and give your outfits a lot more texture and appeal.

Lace Patterns on your dress: Play a little with your dress design and show a little skin here and there with perfect lace patterns, enmeshed on your dresses. Add lace sleeves or maybe a sheer lace back to your dress to perfectly accentuate the feminine feel.

Skirt Silhouettes: You can even wear lace to work. Choose a skirt with a lace lining or a bottom edge lined with lace to give you the sober glam you might need to add to your work attire.