Best Camping Spots in Victoria

There should be no doubt that camping in Australia can be an experience never to forget. There is nothing to compare to enjoying a campfire under the pristine starry sky of our beloved country. Camping in Australia, and more specifically in Victoria, can offer you the feeling of absolute freedom. Right from the beginning we must, however, make it clear that there are two main types of camping there; paid camping and free camping in the wilderness.
The top three camping spots in Victoria

One of the best camping sites in Victoria, based on visitors’ reviews, is the Cathedral Ranges State Park. Just two hours northeast of Melbourne, this seven-kilometre-long range offers a variety of camping options. You can either set up your tent or park your caravan at the shaded areas available at Cooks Mill, or you can choose the free of charge Farmyard site, which you can only reach only by hiking.

Our second choice is the Wilsons Promontory National Park. At the southernmost edge of Australia, this camping site is famous for its breathtaking scenery, which includes some of the finest Victoria’s beaches and even rainforests. The facilities offered at Tidal Rivers are quite plenty, including shops and places to get something to eat, which makes it ideal for campers whose camp-life experience is little. The campsite can accommodate almost 500 tents and/or caravans.

Finally, third in our list of the best camping spots in Victoria is the Grampians. This park is located three hours west of Melbourne and we believe it is the ideal spot for those who really want to enjoy the magnificent surroundings within Victoria’s wilderness. There are sites both for families as well as for hikers who prefer to set up their tents in remote places. All visitors of this park, regardless of whether they have preferred the family-oriented camping sites or the more remote ones, don’t miss to walk to MacKenzie Falls, the close-by lakes or to visit Halls Gap, with its famous cultural centre.
This is just a very short list of the best camping spots in Victoria. Anyone who is interested in going for camping during their next vacations can certainly search the internet for many more ideas and reviews on camping spots in Victoria.