Business Waste Stats in Australia

Australia is really struggling with a waste problem. A report by Craig Reucassel reveals alarming statistics regarding garbage condition in Australia and has affected most parts including Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and all other major cities in Australia. In case you are wondering how badly the situation is in Australia regarding business waste, here are the statistics.

Clothing waste and statistics

Australia is among the most wasteful countries in the world. One of the main business wastes in Australia is clothing waste. It might not seem like a problem in Australia, but fast fashion is really a major problem in Australia. Approximately 36,000 kilograms of cotton in form of clothes end up in Australian landfills every hour which is quite alarming. Most of these clothes are plastic/manmade fibre that don’t break down. This culture of throwing away clothing has created a severe environmental problem. If most of these garments were recycled, then we would have less of them ending up in landfills which cud be a little bit gentle for the environment.

Coffee cup waste

Statistics regarding disposable coffee cup waste is also very alarming. Australia is known to consume too much caffeine which has led to an increase in disposable coffee cups. The coffee cups are very harmful to the environment since they form a basis for pollution. They may look like they are made of paper but they have been found to contain pieces of plastics that usually don’t break down easily. Approximately one billion disposable coffee cups are used annually in Australia. Nearly 90% of these cups end up in landfills equalling to almost 66,000 kilograms of waste annually.

Bottles and cans waste

Australians are also notorious for wastes o bottles and cans. Approximately 17 billion bottles and cans are used annually in Australia. Most of these aren’t being recycled with only 56% of glass bottles used are recycled. It can even be more disastrous if this waste ends up in the seas. They may affect life in the sea and result in deaths of many sea animals.

Since businesses are the main causes of waste in Australia, there is a need for them to improve on business waste. One-way businesses can ensure that their waste doesn’t end up in landfills is by recycling them. Skip bins could be an appropriate waste disposal mechanism. South Australia has had a skip bin scheme for over 40 years and has helped them recycle most of the waste that ends u in skip bins.

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