Cool Australian camping accessories

The thrill of spending time outdoors with your friends and family, visiting new places and spending the night under the stars away from the noise and busy city life is something many people look forward to. Having the right camping accessories will help you make the most out of your escapades. Some camping accessories that are readily available in Australia include:

1. Sea To Summit Pocket Shower. This tool will come in handy when you need to take a bath and stay clean. With this accessory, all it takes to enjoy a relaxing warm shower in the wild is 2.6 gallons of water and heat from the sun. It can be fastened on a tree branch and it’s ready to use.
2. Camp Chef Outdoor Camp Oven Stove. This portable oven stove combination will make it incredibly easy to make a variety of meals while enjoying the great outdoors. A single propane tank will give you up to 5 hours of cooking time.
3. Coleman Portable Propane Coffeemaker. Can’t do without some morning coffee? Well, you might want to get this accessory for your next camping trip. You can readily get your daily dose of coffee anytime you need some while out in the wild.
4. Heated Socks. Cold feet anyone? If having warm feet will improve your camping experience then you should definitely get yourself a pair of these socks. You can get different brands all over the internet.
5.Chaheati Heated Chair. You can warm up your butt on your camping trip with this amazing accessory. It looks like any regular chair and comes with 4 heat settings which you can regulate to your liking.
6.Toasty Mug. Morning weather can be really unpleasant which makes the toasty mug a really nice accessory to have. It’s a ceramic mug that can keep your hands warm which makes it perfect for the winter mornings.
7. Battery Heated Clothing. This might be the most convenient accessory to have with you especially for the winter and cold mornings. They come in a vast array of clothing including jackets, slippers, hats, gloves, vests, jackets and pants.
With the right accessories, you might even want to camp all year long!