Gain 500 More Instagram Followers in 5 weeks

If you want many people to like your posts and attract more advertisers, you need more Instagram followers. Advertisers want to use platforms that can help their products reach many prospective customers within a short time. Therefore, after you built a strong base of followers and the audiences are in the target demographics for the advertiser, you will get an opportunity to promote their products, like dresses, shoes, luxury bags and much more. That is a good way of making some extra money. If you need to gain 500 more Instagram followers within five weeks, use the following tips.

Share more selfies

Instagram has remained a social place for many years. Most people want to follow the accounts that they can relate to, whether it is a person, brand or influencer. Therefore, you will have to make your brand account personable and relatable in addition to telling your followers what your brand is about. To introduce yourself to the new audiences, use quality videos. They will help you set a tone, share the behind-the-scenes footage, and show what has differentiated your brand from the competitors.

Create Instagram ads that can increase your followers

Instagram has stood as one of the competitive marketplaces for individuals and companies alike. It provides you with an opportunity of building more followers within a short period. To achieve that, you just need to present your advertisements to the right audiences. To run a personal Instagram ad campaign, you do not need a lot of time or money; you just need to choose the right type of Instagram ads. Instagram provides videos, images and promoted Instagram Stories ads. Choose a digital content agency to reach more individuals.

Promote the Instagram content on other platforms

To gain 500 more Instagram followers, you will have to start thinking about your strategies as part of your marketing efforts and find ways that can help you from outside the Instagram application. It is the time to think of how the common marketing channels like email newsletters, website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube can lead more visitors to your Instagram page. Cross-promotion will guide more audience to your existing Instagram page.

Use the right tools

Some tools like CrowdFire will help you tag your key followers and un-follow the inactive accounts. CrowdFire will also help you identify the engaged followers and see those who have un-followed you recently. You will not pay any amount to use the app on a single account – you just need to download it. Maintaining a whitelist, and knowing who the key followers are, you will be able to visualize where to start targeting your attention and grow your followers rapidly.

Find the Magic HashtagsFinding hashtags that relate to each day of the week might be helpful, but it is always good you establish your core tags after you start posting on the social media site. The site does not allow posting of more than 30 hashtags per every photo and therefore you will have to revisit your accounts and see the hashtags people are using consistently. Instagram has also included the “Top 9” feature for hashtags. That should sound like a magic formula when it comes to finding high-quality tags.