Sending Flowers To A Funeral? Here’s What To Write In The Card

Passing away of a loved one, friend, family or even a friend is a very tough and challenging time. The least you can do is send a heartfelt message with flowers to the grieving family if you cant be with that person at the moment.

It’s not an easy task to choose the right words while giving your condolences and showing care at times like these because they are intense and delicate moments where you don’t wanna mess up by choosing the wrong words.

Things To Keep In Mind While Writing A Funeral Note

Writing a card at times like these offers support to people who are suffering from loss and adds a personal touch to your flowers. Some general advice you should keep in mind while writing a sympathy note is:

  • Be authentic and keep it short
  • If you don’t have much to write, a sentence or two is fine.
  • If possible, extend your message to members of your immediate family.

Sending Flowers With A Note In Different Scenarios

1. Loss Of A Mother

It is an immense loss to lose a mother and can be a very difficult time. Lilies, roses or gerberas can be used as good sympathy flowers to give your condolences

 2. Loss Of A Father

It is heartwrenching to lose a father at any stage of life. Native flowers such as banksias or proteas can be used as sympathy flowers. Since the funeral of a father is a close affair, you will need to dress formally while attending the funeral as well.

3. Loss Of A Wife

To write words for the loss of a wife can be difficult. A bouquet of mixed roses or white lilies would be good to pay your tributes to her. At this point, writing or attaching any note would be of no use. However, you can send another round of flowers to her family members, expressing your condolences.

4. Loss Of A Friend Or A Colleague

You can choose a mix of the above-given options of flowers to send to your friend or colleagues. Know that when it comes to your friends, it doesn’t matter what flower you send. It’s the thought that counts. So, do not be too conscious about sending flowers to your friend’s family. After all, funeral flowers are not the one that puts a smile on anyone’s face.

Final Thoughts

The best thing you can do while deciding on a flower to send to someone’s funeral is to ask the florists’ choice. They are often experienced in this matter and can give you advice that can prove useful as per your situation. If you are looking for funeral flowers in Melbourne, you can visit this website.