The Secrets of Proper Makeup Removal

After a long and tiring day or a great night out, most of us love to relax in bed, read a book, and then ultimately go to sleep. Many of us forget that we need to take off our make up and do not consider it a very important part of our routine. However, this step is one step no one should ever compromise on. The proper removal of makeup is essential as it lets your skin breathe and it’s a way to close your pores and hydrate it. Removing your makeup should be an essential part of your day.  Some people, however, even when removing their makeup can make a few mistakes. This is why we have come up with tips for the proper removal of makeup before you sleep. The best product to use to remove your makeup is Bioderma hydra bio. Not only does it clean your skin, but the vitamins and minerals in it hydrate and refresh your skin too, leaving your skin glowing, baby soft and clean

  1. Cleansing water

The first step to removing your makeup properly should be using micellar or cleansing water. There are many different brands available for you to use. Micellar water should be put onto a cotton pad and gently used to remove all of the makeup on your skin. This will take off the initial layer of makeup off your skin, making it much cleaner. Many people also like to just apply the cotton pad over the desired area they wish to clean and leave it. The particles in micellar water automatically attract the makeup away from your skin, cleaning it all.

  • Cleansing milk

If you have very sensitive skin and wish to use something milder than cleansing water, milk lotion is best for you. It’s much softer on the skin and provides a similar function to micellar water. It is a great way to remove all the makeup from your skin while keeping it smooth, soft and clean. You may be wondering how you’d apply cleansing milk. All you need is a cotton pad and you can remove all your makeup because of the nourishing properties. You do not need to wash your face after it.

  • Focus on the eyes

For those who love doing a proper eye look, cleansing solutions may not be enough. It’s best that you take a prep eye make-up remover and remove your makeup with that. You can do so by taking a Q-tip and soaking it in the cleansing solution, then going over your eyes, especially the corners and getting all the makeup out. This is important so none of the makeup remains within the corners of your eyes.

  • Wash your face

Once you’re done removing your makeup, the best thing to do is to use a gentle face wash to cleanse the remaining residue on your face. This is a step you should not skip because it takes off all the remaining makeup and cleanses your face. Next, you can moisturize and apply serums to finish your cleansing routine.