Top 5 Engagement Ring Settings & Styles You Need to Know

Getting engaged with your other half is one of the most exceptional and memorable moments in life, when both the spouses fervently affirm to spend their life together cheerfully. On such happy occasions, the thing that is going to keep them bounded till the time of marriage must be unique and exquisite as a signature of lovely memories. Yes, you heard it right! We are referring to the “engagement ring”.

       However, with so many settings, and styles out there, it can be hard to make a perfect choice. Over the decades, the ancient rules have tossed out as there have been significant changes in the designs favored by the brides and grooms. Although diamond remains unbeatable, the competition has increased ever since more options of designing, and styling joined the race.


Indeed, an engagement ring can make or break the most important event of your life in terms of appearance, practicality, and attractiveness. Here’s a list of some amazing ring designs and styling to make your event remarkable.

  • Spread Sparkle with the Solitaire setting:

Solitaire is the most traditional and classy engagement ring style. It goes perfectly with a diamond, it features a plain metal band usually made up of precious material like silver, platinum or, gold. A shiny diamond in between maximizes a diamond’s brilliance. Cullen Moissanite illustrates it perfectly as they specialize in solitaire ring styles. 

  • Add creativity with Cluster setting:

Cluster setting combines a lot of smaller stones, and tries to show the same effect as a large diamond does, cluster setting blows life to your cost-effective ring style while adding grace and sparkle to it, the style shows the versatility and makes your ring look exceedingly expensive in an instant.

  • Admirable Cathedral setting:

The cathedral setting has been admired for decades because of its elegant and conventional style. It features a center diamond flanked by the arches of metal that come up from the shank, the way it shoulders a curve up to support the diamond resembles the arches of a cathedral. The architectural way of a cathedral makes it perfect for an engagement ring

  • Ever-green Halo ring setting:

Halo ring style creates a dazzling shimmery effect while letting the center stone outshine more brightly than ever, the row of little pave diamonds creates a frontier around the central stone. Choosing a color gem for a center stone like ruby, morganite, and pink diamond would provide stunning contrast, and a gorgeous engagement look.

  • Brightening Bezel ring setting:  

The Bezel ring setting is one of the most secure fasteners for the gems. Additionally, it contains an elevated collar that covers the rim of the diamond in a thorough metal edging. The wrapping holds the diamond more securely which assists to protect them from breaking or chipping. This type of ring setting doesn’t require much upkeep or any maintenance as there are no claws that need to be tightened as time goes on.