7 Tips to Capture Your Perfect Summer with Your Drone

Summer is the perfect time for you and your camera to enjoy. It’s sunny, it’s fun and most of all the lighting and backgrounds are just perfect. People all around are out of their houses and enjoying the weather. Streets and markets are busy with people shopping, you see people outdoors. All of this really is a sight to see. It also is the perfect time for you to use your drone -you can find the DJI Tello Drone online here.

We have compiled a list of the perfect tips you need to capture the beautiful scenes of summer through your drone and to showcase the beauty of the weather as well as the people.

  1. Shoot Sports

One of the most happening things during summertime is sports. As the weather is warm, people begin to play all kinds of sports around. There are people playing basketball, tennis, baseball and more. If you want, you can capture summer through sports. Using your drone to get overhead shots of someone playing a specific sport, would make an amazing shot.

  • Landscapes

As it is the summer, it’s easier to go out as there isn’t much rain or snow to stop you. Go into a place that is a landscape with beautiful nature and mountains to get the perfect shot. This will showcase the greenery of the landscape as well as get you an aesthetically brilliant shot. Placing a person at the edge of the mountain and getting the drone to take pictures of the whole view would get you a breathtaking picture.

  • Water

Summertime means it’s time to hit the water. Whether it is pools, lakes or the sea, aerial shots of water always call for amazing photography. Use your drone to capture the perfect shot of a person flowing on water or jumping down a water slide. Getting water shots to show the movement of water represents the summers perfectly.

  • BBQ

What is summer without a little BBQ? If you love the summer, then you love hosting or attending BBQs. This is the perfect time to showcase some food and nature photography. Get your drone to take pictures of the BBQ from an overhead shot with people enjoying the BBQ and the grill going on with the perfectly cooked meat on it. It really will call for the perfect summer shot.

In a beautiful country like Australia, summer months also mean camping and road trips. Make the most of your camping and road trips by taking your drone along to capture the view as well as to capture the space around you. It will call for the perfect backdrop and capture the beautiful nature around you in the perfect way. These trips will become memorable and excellent pictures will also be captured through them.